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It's a cold rainy day and I'm getting the jitters again about launching a new business. I am a part time construction engineer right now, with itcy feet, not literally.  

I've spent over a decade working with men and enjoying a sucessful career in construction, but now I feel like my passion lies with making a difference. It's no secret that I love story telling and that includes documenting my career so far. The good, the bad and the Ugly realities of working in a harsh environment often alone as a woman. But, the older and wiser I have become I see we have so much futher to go for the next generation of women to not only survive but thrive in careers, they might traditionally be told weren't suitable for them. 

Whilst we are starting to stand up and listen and encourage change it is still very apparent to me that we have a long way to go to change mentailities, experineces, and working cultures to ensure that the next generation don't have to fight everyday for respect or to earn their rightful place in a workforce where they stand out.

A fire in my belly has started to not only change the numbers for equality but also to help change perceptions and most importantly help emopower women to succeed in these difficult environments. We cannot fix issues that aren't talked about or addressed right? So This isn't going to be pretty, but She who dares, wins is officially on it's way. 

Ladies, I am here by your side to share your stories, hold your hand and connect you with as many like minded badass women out there!.

Don't forget to hit me up on social media and connect into our She who dares, wins podcast!   https://anchor.fm/shewhodareswins

Much love 


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