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Badass Women In History: Emma Gatewood

Badass Women In History: Emma Gatewood


Emma Gatewood

Meet Emma 'Grandma' Gatewood. A trailblazer? Hell, she was the trail. 🥾🌲

At 19, she married, but ended up in a nightmare. Her escape? The woods. 

Divorce? Tough back then, especially with 11 kids. But Emma? She did it. 

Fast forward, and she's 67, with nothing but a homemade denim bag, sneakers, and sheer guts. Her target? The Appalachian Trail. 2,050 miles of raw, untamed nature. 

No compass, no tent, just a shower curtain and a dream. While others prepped like pros, Emma went rogue. 🏕️

Bears, rattlesnakes, hurricanes. Bruises, cuts, hunger. But Emma? She powered through. Call it 'trail magic' or badassery, she had it. 

146 days later, she sings 'America the Beautiful' at the trail's end. First woman to do it. But she didn't stop there. She hiked it AGAIN. 

Emma Gatewood: More than a hiker. A symbol of grit, resilience, and breaking norms. Age? Just a number. Gear? Overrated. Determination? Unmatched. 💪

She didn't just hike a trail; she blazed one for all of us. Reminder: It's not where you start, but where you go. And with courage? Sky's the limit. 

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