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Inspiring domestic abuse survivor becomes a winning pro MMA fighter

Inspiring domestic abuse survivor becomes a winning pro MMA fighter

 On a cold wet, grey day last week, I was scrolling through YouTube and whilst visiting one of my favourite channels (by Film creator Danny Gevirtz), I came across a short film he did about his friend. 

Bad mama is a powerful and inspiring story about a female MMA fighter, Jamie Collen, who overcame physical and emotional abuse from her partner that left her homeless with her young daughter.

She talks about how her now ex-partner’s abuse broke her soul, and that she ended up forgoing her own goals and aspirations.  Like many women who suffer abuse, Jamie suffered in silence for fear of what people might think. That is, until she gained the courage to leave her abusive partner for good.  

Homeless and with nowhere to turn, Jamie and her daughter eventually found solace in a shelter and she started to rebuild her life getting back to MMA fight training:

“I could feel myself growing physically and emotionally stronger again, and I was just bound and determined to be the mother my daughter deserved”

Jamie went on to win a title and rebuild her life for both herself and her daughter. 

Jamie’s story has inspired me so much. I’ve never been a victim of abuse but as someone who trained in martial arts for over 6 years, I know how much devotion, and physical and mental strength you need to succeed. This is without having to navigate the world as a single mom who had fled an abusive partner. I know many of you will feel empowered by Jamie’s story so please go and give the film a watch and please show her some support on the socials. 

In Jamies words. “Just because we survived doesn’t mean we can’t be more than just survivors”


You are a hero Jamie Collen!! 




Jamie now spends her time coaching other women, helping them (re)claim power in their own lives, as well as being a Pro MMA fighter.


If you are experiencing any domestic abuse please reach women’s aid for help in the UK


Instagram @bad_mmama

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