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Bryony Price an Aeronautical engineer turned seismic technician from Wales

Bryony Price an Aeronautical engineer turned seismic technician from Wales

On this episode of This is a Man’s World, She Who Dares Wins Podcast, our guest is Bryony. Bryony is from a small town in Wales. After university, she found herself in a very interesting field, the oil and gas industry. Bryony works for 6 weeks on and 6 weeks off. She attributes her current career as the world’s happiest accident.
Choosing a career is also choosing a lifestyle. Each job requires you to manage your mental health in certain ways. During our conversation, Bryony shares her personal experience onboard and how she faced unwanted male interactions. Bryony loves the oil and gas industry and see’s great opportunity for females in the industry. At the same time, you need to be headstrong and be able to brush things off. In your early years building a stable home can’t be your primary priority, it has to be secondary due to the amount of travel and time away from home. The industry is fantastic because you get to meet people from all over the world.
During our conversation, Bryony shares what makes up her job and how she navigates the ups and downs of her role and work situation. We talk about the differences between the male and female experience as well as many other interesting topics. Bryony had an encounter onboard that was less than desired. Whether there’s intent or something happened, we as women shouldn’t have to deal with that. It can be a challenge onboard at times because things are heightened due to being in close proximity all the time. It’s important to protect yourself in certain situations. Learn more about Bryony and her passion for her industry and overcoming the obstacles of a male-dominated field in this episode.
Time Stamps:
1:39 — Who Bryony is and what she does
2:37 – How Bryony got into the work she’s doing
6:19 – Transition from being a student to 12 hour shifts
10:10 – What Bryony’s job entails
14:11 – Working with a majority of males
17:05 – Adapting to the lifestyle of the job
29:14 – Coping with varying cultures and attitudes
36:32 – Facing relationships onboard
42:04 – Defending yourself against unwanted advances
51:40 – Why Bryony loves her job
Key Quotes:
22:28 – “You get to know the people you work with very well.”
33:41 – “Going back to the feminist card, the thing that gets me is if I snap back at a certain comment or explain that something is not right and they throw the feminist card.”
35:36 – “A comment can be over the line but a physical thing is without a doubt over the line.”
45:22 – “I don’t think a man onboard has every had to check his room to see if someone is in there.”
46:35 – “That feeling of shame is something so many women share and we often put it on ourselves.”
50:49 – “Always on reflection you think I should have done X,Y,Z but sometimes it’s a bit of fight or flight and you just react the way you think you should.”
54:42 – “Go for it and don’t have any fear.”
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