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Shauna a former beauty salon worker, turns into a Tarmacing powerhouse!

Shauna a former beauty salon worker, turns into a Tarmacing powerhouse!

On this episode of This is a Man’s World, She Who Dares Wins Podcast, our guest is Shauna. She works in tarmacking. Tarmacking is one of the dirtiest, hardest and smelliest jobs in construction. While it has it’s downside, she loves it. Many of her family members were also in construction. Prior she worked in a salon.
When working in tarmacking you have to be in place to execute. Every day is a learning curve. There is something new every day. No day is the same. Part of the job involves going in and making sure it’s hot enough. Once the machine is hot enough, it’s ready to go. Then you have to move quickly. If it gets messed up, the whole thing is ruined, which creates some pressure at first.
Through loads and loads of practice, she has learned the ropes. This career pushes her on and empowers her to do more. The ultimate goal is that she’ll be running things. Right now she is in the process of learning the other side of the business. Shauna’s advice is to go for it. There’s no reason to look back and have regret. You’ll never regret something you tried. If it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t work out.
Time Stamps:
2:52 — What is tarmac
4:44 – Cost of tarmacking
6:20 – How Shauna got into tarmacking
10:55 – Expectations vs reality
17:03 – Adapting to the construction industry
18:32 – Maternity leave and having kids
24:26 – A day in the life of tarmacking
27:31 – Learning to drive machines
35:52 – What’s next?
Key Quotes:
4:14 – “It’s a dirty job but the best of times.”
9:10 – “I couldn’t go back to working a salon, and I love it.”
16:32 – “I’ve never come across another girl in the construction industry yet.”
27:18 – “You know when you’re pregnant smells get to you more than anything.”
30:56 – “ I won’t try it, I’ll do it. Try is just a copout.”
32:41 – “There are idiots in every industry.”
34:40 – “I want to prove to myself and prove to these lads that I am as good as the lads.”
Connect with Shauna:@shaunadoyler
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