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Kate and Ella, plasterers, property developers, and sisters-in-law killing it in their trade!

Our guests on this episode of the This is a Man’s World: She Who Dares Wins podcast are Kate and Ella, plasterers, property developers, and sisters-in-law. After they had babies 4 months apart, they both realised that they wanted to have more control over their work lives and had a desire to go into property development. The first step of this career shift was to go through a plastering course while they were still on their maternity leaves, where they were the only women in the group. 
After this course, they were hooked on the detail-oriented, tedious, and fulfilling work of plastering, so they started working with a builder on properties. Before long, they decided to start their own business which provided them with more flexibility and also the ability to cover for each other when needed and mandate that they will not work weekends. They have found this system to be tiring, but they are grateful for the incredible support from their families who help with the kids whenever needed. 
As you may expect, they have quite a few stories of mishaps that were either funny at the time or funny only in hindsight, but Kate and Ella have learned that laughter helps ease even the most stressful of situations. They encourage girls and women to consider learning a trade to just get out there and try it. You have nothing to lose and you could find your passion, as Kate and Ella have.
Time Stamps:
1:03 – Kate and Ella, plasterers, property developers, and sisters-in-law describe their journey into the trades.
2:56 – What it was like to start training for a new career during maternity leave.
4:10 – 6 months after taking their plastering course, they bought their first property to develop.
5:01 – What Kate and Ella’s previous professions were and how business is going now.
6:59 – Their perception of how customers accept them as women in the trades.
8:20 – Kate and Ella wish that they had given plastering or another trade a try sooner and they encourage other women to look into the trades as well.
10:35 – Their experience as women entering “a man’s world”.
13:07 – While it is exhausting to be self-employed, it provides Kate and Ella with more flexibility and they have set certain boundaries for themselves.
16:25 – What Kate and Ella think of working so closely together.
17:45 – They talk about some of their mishaps over the years.
21:51 – The hardest part for them is the work-life balance.
23:44 – They are both lucky to have supportive spouses and families who help them pick up the slack.
26:57 – Kate and Ella say that the key to plastering is “practice makes perfect.”
29:13 – They outline some of the helpful attributes or skills for people looking to become involved in plastering.
30:10 – A hilarious but tragic mishap on the job.
32:30 – They encourage girls who are considering getting into the trades to just go for it. You will know pretty quickly if it is right for you.
Key Quotes:
“Go for it. You’ve got nothing to lose.”
“The people you meet and banter you have with them is second to none.”
Connect us and with Kate and Ella: @plasteredsisters on Instagram
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