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Nicole Bremner: Learning to Navigate the Challenges of Being a Property Project Manager

Nicole Bremner: Learning to Navigate the Challenges of Being a Property Project Manager

In the episode today, I talk to Nicole, a project manager in the property development industry. She has been in the industry for the last ten years and has faced some major challenges before finding her footing.
Listen in to hear Nicole’s incredible story from the financial world in Australia to the construction industry after major struggles. You will also hear how more women are open to work in construction and property development now than they were several years ago.
“People are going to be negative; they’re going to make fun of you, block them move on, and have this beautiful nurturing environment around you and makes you happy.” Nicole [38:43]
Key Takeaways:
  • The struggle that comes with finding the right job as an immigrant and your education qualifications are invalid.
  • The challenge of crowdfunding for bigger projects.
  • How the women in the construction industry have doubled in the last ten years representing from higher positions to construction site workers.
  • How to build your personal brand through social media.
Key Moments:
  • [1:19] She tells her story of how she started in the project management scene when she managed her house construction project.
  • [3:51] She explains the struggle she went through to find something she could do after leaving the financial world.
  • [8:59] She describes some of the major challenges in her role raising money for projects.
  • [16:45] The experiences she has had dealing with people in construction teams from the beginning of her career.
  • [21:02] The representation of women in the construction field in the last ten years.
  • [26:03] Why she started her socials and why she believes there are other women who are doing better than her in empowering others.
  • [35:13] Why she advises young people to block negativity on social media.
  • [40:59] Advice to anyone who wants to be a project manager in property development.
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