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Barbie the welder inspires us with her dramatic journey into the world of metal art.

Barbie the welder inspires us with her dramatic journey into the world of metal art.

Barbie the welder talks us through her journey of hardship and passion to follow her dreams of becoming a welding artist. After watching one scene from a movie that featured a female welder, her heart was set and her passion took her on a journey of trials and tribulations, but one that showcases just how much destiny’s can be achieved, if they aren’t denied the opportunity. She inspires us with her tenacity, creativity, kind heart, and most of all her incredible talents to create art that sells. Barbies life as a welding sculpture really does read like a Hollywood movie and she not only continues to inspire others to follow her steps but she is the proof in the pudding that, if you follow your heart, jump into the unknown you can achieve making a living out of your passion. There are so many life lessons to be learned in this podcast, whether you are interested in welding or not. It’s one woman’s journey of success through complete adversity. If you want to learn how to weld metal art, she is your gal!
0:50 How barbie fell into welding after leaving her job as an auto mechanic.
2:18 Starting to weld and how she fought to finance her start.
4:15 The transition from welding to getting a job.
6:42 Working for a company that was super supportive and enabled her to work with other women.
9:40 Journey from shop work to sculpting and creating art in her garage
11:32 The transition from artist to selling and becoming a business owner
15:41 Taking a leap into the unknown and working out of fear rather than passion.
17:07 Attending welding shows and being inspired by others
19:50 Learning to appreciate her own work and talents
23:11 winging it and starting to get exposure
27:25 The journey to selling art online via Instagram and YouTube
32.24 Finding a new love in teaching others welding and creating art
34:00 Being asked to write a book on welding, and then completing it in 10 days
35:00 Teaching women to weld and passing on the passion
36:30 Teaching the craft to the masses on YouTube
37:50 Barbies passion to showcase the industry to a wider audience
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