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S:3 EP: 7 How To Persevere with Positivity as A Woman in Construction with Kate Rieling

S:3 EP: 7 How To Persevere with Positivity as A Woman in Construction with Kate Rieling

In this episode of the She Who Dares Wins podcast, I speak with Kate Rieling, a construction project manager for a civil site contractor in Georgia. She got interested in construction young and even studied construction management in college. 

She shares how a career in construction fits her personality, plus how she gained experience through internships before joining the job market. She explains how she built a community of women doing different things in construction on Instagram.

Listen in to learn how to be positive and confident to establish your position as a woman working in a man’s world.  

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Key Takeaways:

  • How to be prepared for the job market by taking internships to gain experience.
  • The issues that influence women away from the construction industry. 
  • How to get past your struggles in the industry by persevering and being part of the change. 

Key Moments:

  • [0:49] Kate on how she was drawn into the construction world, plus how she prepared to transition from school to work. 
  • [5:46] She describes the different fields that were included in her construction management degree.
  • [7:17] She explains why she enjoys proving herself working in a man’s world.
  • [13:39] How she handles when things get challenging when working with her male counterparts.
  • [15:43] How she created a community of women doing different things in the construction world. 
  • [20:50] The importance of having the conversation about the struggles of women in construction. 
  • [25:43] Learning to be the change you want plus asking for the support you need.
  • [28:32] Kate on where she sees herself career-wise in the future. 
  • [30:21] Why you should go for a career in construction as a woman if that’s your passion. 


  • “Nobody is ever going to have the same experience as you…I had to stop looking for that because it doesn’t exist.”- Kate [16:32]
  • “There’s a certain amount of perseverance that you have to have, you can’t just jump companies because you don’t like one thing.”- Kate [25:44]
  • “If you don’t experience the struggle, you are never going to get past it.”- Kate [27:32]

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