Dana Francis, a mom, steamfitter/pipe-fitter, apprentice welder, and podcaster

Our guest on this episode of the This is a Man’s World podcast is Dana Francis, a mom, steamfitter/pipe-fitter, app...

Female Welder Chelsea spills the beans on dangerous work, finding confidence and that dream job.

On this episode of This is a Man’s World, we are joined by Chelsea Smith, a welder in the US. Chelsea’s interest ...

Stefanie Apostolidis - The Melbourne Chippy Chick on what life's like being a female carpenter in Auss

I have an in-depth chat with the Melbourne Chippy Chick AKA Stefanie Apostolidis. We discuss everything from Instagra...

Welcome to the podcast

Hey folks and welcome to the “This Is A Man's World”  podcast. This first episode is all about me,  your host Michel...
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